Meander Ink was started by Jamie Noel Letourneau, an independent illustrator and designer raised in the Midwest and rooted in the Northwest.

Jamie explores the concept of belonging through her illustrations of the homes we live in and the homes we carry; to convey the fragile shelters of our most intimate worlds through intricate line work. As she channels emotion into ink, she finds fuel for the therapeutic process of illustrating ailments of both herself and of others. She seeks deeper connection through vulnerable anatomical works; most notably in a series for an exhibition at Duke University in 2019.

She is currently drawing out imaginary creatures as extensions of our very human personalities and experiences. Each holds a unique story of brokenness, humor, and hope. And each one is lovable beyond its perceived ugliness. Because we are all lovable monsters. Should anyone wish to write a children’s book, she’s got a heap of starters, send her a note.

Jamie is available for commissioned projects including custom spot illustration for publications, educational materials, signage and murals, children's books, games, and collaborations.